The commercial use of Drones (or Multirotors as they are often referred to) is something relatively new and they have been widely used for the past six years.  Birds-Eye-View was formed by hobbyists whose experiences go way beyond the years of Drone use and back to well before such technology was available.  We feel this is important, as not only does the business have unrivalled experience of all remotely controlled aircraft, but the business itself was born out of enthusiasm and interest rather than an immediate desire for commercial gain.


Our experience of model flight extends beyond such aircraft that have flight assistance systems.  This means our flying skills are pure and we do not rely heavily upon electronic assistance, but see it as a further aid to general safety.  We are experienced in flying equipment in a multitude of environments and you can be assured we operate our services with safety as our first directive.  We are very proud of a zero accident safety record and will demonstrate our diligence when we meet with you to survey your chosen site. Sadly, ‘drone’ is a word that has suffered some negative press recently and we are keen to demonstrate that this technology can have unrivalled levels of safety when in the hands of a professional.


We have enjoyed working in a variety of fields, which include corporate events, charity fundraising, promotional videos and a multitude of sports based activities.  Watersports always provide a special challenge where the consequences of failure would be high.  To date we have successfully filmed events such as waterskiing, water ski jumping, wakeboarding, triathlons and promotional work for watercraft manufacturers. 


Please see our "Gallery" page for examples of our productions.

Some of our current equipment

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